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GRAX Overview


Simply put, GRAX helps you control what data you want to see in Salesforce and where and when you want to view it. Central to each of GRAX's three core product offerings is the GRAX Data Lake, which is built on Heroku's cloud application platform. The diagram below illustrates a high-level description of data flow between various services used by GRAX. Arrows pointing in only one direction denotes data flowing unilaterally. Arrows pointing in both directions denotes data flowing bidirectionally between the two services. The rest of this document will describe the various security measures used to protect data at every arrow connected within an organization's GRAX application.

Overview of Solution Components

Salesforce Components

SFDC Components that support the user interface for Backup, Archiving, Object Time Machine, Search, Restore, and any other functionality within Salesforce CRM. Click here for more details on installation steps

GRAX Application

Heroku application that supports and manages the proxying of bi-directional data between SFDC and GRAX Data Lake. Click here for more details on connection steps

Data Lake

  • Elasticsearch: indexes most recent version of SFDC data record for fast recall, search, and restore functions. Click here for more details on self-hosted elasticsearch installation.

  • Long Term Storage Provider: S3/Azure/Google storage bucket will serve as general data storage for all versions of backup records and attachments. We typically recommend using S3, but other storage providers can be used.

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GRAX Overview

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